Hire me!

I am a professional librarian * and * writer with a strong background in editing and research. I have written academic theses, technical manuals, music reviews, book reviews, personal blogs, product descriptions and travel guides. I love to write–anything and everything– and will bring a clear, engaging voice to everything I create.

I am always looking for new writing opportunities. While it is true, that I mostly stick to topics related to books, reading and libraries, I am open to anything.  Information about my services are below. Email me (bookishkristy at gmail.com) with further questions or to request writing samples.


  • I can generate copy for your website, menu, brochure, newsletter, product descriptions, etc. Tell me what you need, what you want to communicate, and I’ll make it happen!
  • Starting at $30 per hour.


  • I will read and provide grammar and copy editing suggestions for any original work, including but not limited to websites, blogs, reports, speeches, newsletters, emails, cover letters, and essays.
  • If you have a manuscript for a book, I will read and provide grammatical suggestions as well as critical evaluation and ideas. I can bring a hearty background of reading and professional book reviewing to my analysis of your manuscript.
  • Starting at $30 an hour.