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Resist and Read

There is so much to be angry about right now. As President Trump methodically guts the nation,  it feels hard to go about ordinary life without, I don’t know, doing something! There are lots of guides out right now providing instructions, including this one, at Daily Action, where you can sign via text to receive relatively simple instructions for one action item per day against the Trump agenda.

For those quieter moments in your life, when you are ready to read and reflect, or you are looking for ways to share information with your kids, consider some of these excellent book lists:

Children’s Picture Books about Protest and Civil Disobedience. 

Erica over at What We Do All Day provides tons of wonderful book lists for kids, from picture books all the way up to chapter books. I use these daily in my job as a librarian and when I’m looking for inspiration for my kids. She has several great lists including books about Peace, books to inspire kids to change the world and books about kindness. Her index of book lists is a treasure to have in your back pocket.


The folks at Book Riot can always be counted on to come through with a good list. (Full disclosure: I also write for Book Riot!) . The lists below have already come in handy for me. Remember to watch their page for more great lists to get you through the next four years.

Short reads on Race and Activism 

Must Read Immigration Stories by Latinos 

Books to Help get you through a Trump Presidency