Who Am I?

Kristy RTAD
Engaged in one of my favorite professional duties: Reading to a Dog.

I am a professional children’s librarian, recovering archivist, lifelong reader and incorrigible book pusher living in the Metrowest area of Boston. Despite my profession, I consider myself proficient in both youth and adult literature.  In the past, I have written music and book reviews and have published a number of them here and there. Currently, I write reviews for the Horn Book Guide and School Library Journal.

I currently work in Wellesley, MA, where I run regular storytimes for babies and preschoolers. I also have a middle school book club for kids and parents called “Books and Bites.” Throughout the year, I do various and sundry other programs, including pajama storytime in the summers, a stuffed animal sleepover and special, themed storytimes.

When I’m not working at the library, I am working at home, trying my darnedest to be a part time professional writer. I contribute regularly to BookRiot.com, and write occasional pieces around the web, almost always book, reading or library related. However, I am not limited to those subjects. I have been known to do product descriptions and writer-for-hire type things. My goal is to divide my professional time between working in the field as a librarian part time, and writing the rest of the time.

Like many others, I also dream about writing my own novels and stories. I have lots of ideas that I come back to again and again, but nothing I’m ready to share just yet.

Finally, when I’m  not reading, writing or working, I’m hanging with my husband and two young kids, listening to podcasts, taking walks, or trying to learn how to crochet from an old book I found.



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