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Meanwhile, at Book Riot…

This month I published two pieces on Book Riot. Most of the books recommended in these posts were from my lovely summer o’reading. I largely avoided kid lit this summer in favor of long, beautifully written “adult” books that were getting a lot of buzz.

I’m proud of these lists as they encompass some of my favorite topics to read about. First, I wrote about Rock and Roll love stories. For this piece, I gathered as many music related books as I could in search of the perfect Rock and Roll read. What I really wanted is the book equivalent of everything I love about the tv show Nashville. Most of the writing on that show is painfully soap opera-like. The back and forth, breaking up and making up between the characters can be too much. However, I really love the duets that make up a good chunk of the show’s musical performances. I particularly love the scenes between Scarlett and Gunnar. Their love story on the show can be infuriating, but damn, do they make beautiful music together.

Sadly, I didn’t find the ideal rock duet love story.  I did find two gorgeous books about music and love, but not exactly what I’m looking for. I’m going to have to keep looking, or write one myself! Check out my article on Book Riot here. 

Next, I made a list of women’s coming of age stories set in New York City. I noticed this summer that a lot of the books I am naturally drawn to read are about young women in NYC.  I had no trouble putting this list together. In fact, I had to cut it down because I had so many options.  Read my piece here.

I recently quit Facebook out of frustration and my own lack of self control during this election season. I just can’t with the political arguing and the rampant sexism that seems to be dominating this election. Quitting Facebook, however, has been amazing. I suddenly have more time! Hopefully it will result in more posts.




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