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Reading as Religion

I’m sharing the very first post I wrote for Book Riot. I spent a lot of time wondering what kind of personal reading story to share as part of my application to write for the site.  I decided to look back on the book that had sparked the biggest change in me during my teenage years. Without a doubt it was Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, a choice which kind of seems odd  in retrospect. I was a particularly naive and cautious teen. I didn’t do drugs and I didn’t have a boyfriend until college. On the Road is  about 80% sex and drugs. But whatever, right ? Kerouac’s infectious tone really got to me in a way that nothing else had, including religion. My heathenism has always been a source of guilt and anxiety for me. My parents are aware that I lost my faith a long time ago, but I was still nervous about publishing this. I knew I would want to share as widely as my social networks would allow if I actually got published, but I worried that people would judge me or even unfriend me for my lack of faith.

As it turns out, I was overthinking it. It was not an issue. I published the piece and it was well received. And, perhaps most importantly, I learned how good it felt to publish something true and to find an audience, no matter how modest.

Read the original post here.




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