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I’m Baaaaaaccck!

Forgive me, please, for the very obvious post title. I couldn’t resist. It’s been a damn long time since I’ve written a new post. But I am determined, dear readers, all 12 of you, to start updating again. If just for the habit.  Let me tell you a little story about where I’ve been.

You see, more than anything else, I really want to be a professional writer. I want to make a living wage from writing. But I don’t want to kill myself in the process. I have a professional gig as a children’s librarian and I freaking love it. I work about 20-25 hours a week and it’s perfect. I honestly don’t know if I would love it as much if I worked 40 hours a week.  With this particular balance, I am able to divide my time in a satisfactory way between professional work and home life, taking care of my kids, cooking things, cleaning things, and every teeny chance I get, writing things.

Over the past year, I have been using sites like Flexjobs and OneSpace, in search of temporary writing on demand gigs, in which I create content and get paid a very, very modest amount of money. This has been fine because it’s the kind of work where you only take on what you can do in a few hours. Since my schedule is constantly changing, this works great.

The other writing work I sought for a while was more focused on bookish content. I wanted to write for Book Riot, a site dedicated to all things literary. I applied a few times, but never read the directions as thoroughly as I should have (I have a bad habit of rushing!) and didn’t send original content, which they asked for. Instead, I kept sending pieces I’d written for this blog.

Anyway, I finally got my act together and properly submitted an application. Et, voila! I was accepted as a contributor. A PAID contributor. How exciting! Since May, I have been creating original content, two pieces a month to be exact, and submitting them to Book Riot. It’s been fun and just the right amount of motivation and pressure to keep me writing.

So, one year after my last post on this blog, things have changed a bit and I have accomplished a few long standing goals. But I let this blog fall by the wayside. Which is a damn shame! Library Dose was a fun idea I had, and I would like to keep it up.

Because I have to keep fresh, original ideas coming for Book Riot, I  may not always post book lists on here that haven’t first appeared on Book Riot. I will however, continue to write here about what I’m reading and what I’m writing and about the general process of my literary life. I will post occasional book reviews as well as images from my favorite picture books. Check out my Facebook page for updates and pictures as well.

I hope you’ll stay tuned. Thanks for listening!










Children's librarian, reader of all the books.

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